Multitasker Tools

Multitasker series 3 multitool is the TOOL of choice for leading training professionals as well as elite military/law enforcement agencies.

Multitasker Tools Multitasker Tools Multitasker Tools


MagPod is a replacement magazine floorplate that functions as an effective monopod. Simple and effective, nothing to manipulate. Weighs less than 1oz.

Magpod Magpod Magpod

Surefire Lights

Manufacturer of high power flashlights,lithium batteries, lighting accessories, rechargeable and tactical lights.

Surefire Lights Surefire Lights Surefire Lights

Sierra Element 

Sierra Element provides the most practical and effective tactical firearms training based on real world experience in the law enforcement, military and civilian world.

Sierra Element Sierra Element   Sierra Element


Safe and comfortable kydex holsters.

Spetzgear Spetzgear Spetzgear


AR15, M16, M4 Rifle Accessories​

Lantac Lantac Lantac


100% Made in the USA industry leading high capacity drum magazines.

X-Products X-Products X-Products

Fathom Arms

High quality AR15 Parts and Accessories

Fathom Arms Fathom Arms Fathom Arms

Blacksheep Warrior

Tactical Gear Reviews for both the warfighter heading down range and patrolling the mean streets!

Black sheep Warrior Black sheep Warrior Black sheep Warrior

VG6 Precision

High quality muzzle devices and accessories.

VG6 Precision VG6 Precision VG6 Precision


Specialized gear with safety in mind.

Setwear Setwear Setwear

One Shot Industries

Badass products for badass people.

One Shot Industries One Shot Industries One Shot Industries

Homefront Consulting

HCI offers courses ranging from basic firearms introduction through basic survival and family preparedness courses.

Homefront Consulting Homefront Consulting Homefront Consulting

Griffin Pocket Tool

The Griffin Pocket Tool was born out of a necessity for convenience and a true passion to simplify the everyday carry.

Griffin Pocket Tool   Griffin Pocket Tool   Griffin Pocket Tool  


Shooter Zoo

Cool targets and AR15 parts and accessories.

Shooter Zoo Shooter Zoo Shooter Zoo